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Annual Lectures

The Foundation will bring distinguished international experts to Waterloo from within and beyond the academic community, throwing light on genuine Palestinian realities

International Study

University of waterloo students will benefit from programs that will change their lives and open the minds through subsidized travel to the Israel-Palestine region


University of Waterloo faculty & graduate will have access to research awards to deepen academic understanding of Palestine and foster change

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Academic awards will be given to attract & support rising stars of Palestinian studies or those whose research intersects with Palestinian Studies, bringing new energy & fresh ideas to University of Waterloo

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Palestine has long been the site of rich inter-cultural, religious, economic, and political exchange as well as conflicts.

In the contemporary period, it presents the international community with some of the most difficult social and political challenges

The daily efforts of Jewish-Israeli and Palestinian human rights, peace and justice organizations are missing from the headlines.

The rich body of scholarly, artistic and popular works created by Palestinians at home and in the diaspora go unrecognized

While a small minority hold citizenship within the state of Israel, Palestinians comprise among the largest number of refugees in the world, with more than half remaining entirely stateless. They form a diverse and dynamic diaspora that spans the globe.

“Much of what the world knows about Palestinian life, culture and history has been represented through the lens of violence. Many centres and programs focus on the conflict and, while this is important, one of our unique aims is to expose our community to the richness and complexity of what it means to be Palestinian, not only in the Middle East, but in diaspora and exile.”
“Our vision is education, education, education. Understanding begins with education and awareness. Changing minds can change the course of history.”


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