Friends of the Foundation for Palestinian Studies Cabinet Meets—February 28, 2022

On Monday, February 28, the Cabinet of the Friends of the Foundation for Palestinian Studies held its third monthly meeting.

Important and exciting updates were provided on the activities of the Friends. The vision and the anticipated positive impact of the Foundation idea were reiterated by all members as overall support for the foundation continues to grow. More efforts will be needed to further expand the level awareness on the mission of the Foundation to deepen the understanding of rich Palestinian culture and history that have span over many centuries. As such, the Friends is preparing for a media campaign promoting the Foundation for Palestinian Studies.

John English, Jasmin Habib and Shawky Fahel will be giving a presentation about the Foundation to the five Kitchener-Waterloo Rotary Clubs on Monday, March 28.

In April, date to be determined, members of the Cabinet will also address the Westmount Rotary Club.

Updates from the Foundation’s Advisory Committee were discussed. To formally launch formation of the Foundation by the University of Waterloo, two separate events are being planned with participation of internationally renowned scholars and speakers, one in May and in one September.

To further emphasize the importance of the Foundation, and remind the members of the long historic facts surrounding the current situation and circumstances of the Palestinian people, a remarkable presentation was delivered by the Cabinet member Michael Dan. His presentation was entitled “A Brief History of Modern Palestine”.

In his presentation Michael reflected on several agreements, treaties as well as world and regional events that have led to the current day problem in the Middle East that requires renewed global attention to find a peaceful, humanitarian and respectful solution for all involved.